Unicycle Commuters, Capitol Style

On my run today through the National Mall, I happened upon a unicyclist heading in the same direction. So so sadly, I couldn’t take a photo because I was too busy trying to keep pace with him. But a word to the DC wise: keep an eye out for those unicyclists… (Or just pick one up yourself hehe). He was the third or fourth unicyclist I’ve seen on the city streets of DC in the past several months. Unicycle man probably didn’t even notice this bike enthusiast hopping along behind him, but he certainly made my day.

Commuting by unicycle is a thing. So is Unicycle Hockey. I have a friend who went to Hong Kong for the Unicycle Olympics, and it also includes artistic freestyle (like figure skating on a unicycle), track and field, mountain unicycling, unicycle basketball, and so on and so forth. One day I hope to do a more in-depth story on that.

 Some unicycle eye candy just for you:

Photo from JournoDad

Essentially the view I couldn’t capture on camera today.   Photo from JournoDad Blog.

I just love this. Photo by Cary Conover of visualdiaries.com

I just love this. Photo by Cary Conover of visualdiaries.com


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