Spring Break 2013 Bike-Hike

The Idea: Bike for one day along the the C&O Canal Path starting in Georgetown, then hike the Appalachian trail for 4-5 days. We’ll run right into Harper’s Ferry on mile 60 of the ride. It’s one of the few towns through which the Appalachian Trail directly passes. It’s also where the Appalachian Trail Conservancy headquarters is located.

Harper’s Ferry from above

As I said, the C&O Path would take us directly there from Georgetown. I’m pretty sure we’d be able to find someone somewhere to hold our bikes for the days that we are hiking, or they probably have places to lock them up in that area. I will look more into this, but I’m pretty confident it’s possible.

You can read details about the 60 mile bike ride on the C&O Canal BikeWashington Website. Here’s an excerpt from the Mile 50-Mile 70 section of the site:

“The highlight in this section is the town of Harpers Ferry, located at the fork of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. This town, now a National Historic Park, has a long history of floods and wars. A walkway along one of the railroad bridges provides easy access from the canal. On both trips, I stayed at the Hilltop House, which has a restaurant and a wonderful view of the valley. (only some rooms have TVs, so specify if you would like one). The less expensive alternative is the Comfort Inn.”

Below is a map of the bike ride from DC to Harper’s Ferry. Just follow the river to see where we’d go. If not all of us want to bike there, Amtrak runs daily trips to Harper’s Ferry from DC.

We'd bike 60 miles on the C&O Canal Path to access the Appalachian trial

You can explore the Appalachian Trail interactive map yourself.

And here are options for hiking the Appalachian Trail. We would start off where the two cameras are, signifying photo ops. It’s also the home of an ‘A.T. Community,’ which you can’t see because the image is obscured by the cameras in front of it. All the houses signify shelters along the Appalachian Trail

Our starting point is right in the middle. We can head north or south from there.

Our starting point is right in the middle. We can head north or south from there.

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