Regarding Fear

An excerpt from an article in Women’s Adventure Magazine by Anne-Sophie Rodet, a lady traveling around Patagonia in Argentina an Chile on unicycle:

“ Sola, no tienes miedo? ” “Alone, aren’t you afraid?” I should start counting how many times I’ve heard the question. Patagonia is still a safe place. What is a safe place anyway? Our prejudices often deceive us. Besides, so many people care for me along the road, probably even more because I’m a woman. I’ve never felt in real danger. Sure, there are times when I feel a little uncomfortable; I feel suspicious. For example, that night when a guy decided to park across the road from where I was planning to camp. He stayed in his car, and there was nobody else around. “Why? What is he doing just right there? Exactly where I am….” A half an hour later, I got it: “Oh, he’s waiting for the late night bus, and I’m sheltered at a bus stop; that makes sense.” I’m convinced that by being reasonably careful and listening to my gut, but at the same time being mostly trusting, good things will happen to me. In the meantime, pushing the limits of my comfort zone makes me grow. I can’t say I’ve definitely defeated my fear of dogs, but I’m doing so much better than at the beginning of my adventure.

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