Late Night Camping Woes

I keep tending to be awake around 1:30 am on this trip. The first few nights it was a fear thing–I had never camped alone, I was in bear country, etc.–but that subsided fairly quickly after I became comfortable packing a bear bag/bin and once I camped in areas with other friendly
cyclists and/or made friends with neighboring families at the various campgrounds.

Now I’m out of bear territory and am pretty confident that no one is going to bother me in my tent (knock on wood…) And if they do I have a knife, pepper spray, and a bright light with me. Still for some reason I’m awake again in the middle of the night. Sometimes I can sleep like a baby in my tent. Other nights I’m extremely uncomfortable. It’s not a cleanliness thing–I’ve gotten to take a fair amount of showers, and for the other nights I have baby wipes. It’s not a temperature thing–I’m in Goldilocks land where it’s not too hot, not too cold, but Just Right. Noise isn’t too bad–even when it is, it tunes out after a while. All I know is that I’m impatiently awake right now and hope I can get enough rest for a good ride tomorrow!

I think (and hope) my rest day today will carry into tomorrow. I have two big climbs and 60+ miles to go. Mood is everything on these solo rides and since energy affects mood, here’s to being well-rested and to figuring out how to sleep well in tents on a regular basis!

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