The Graduate’s Conundrum

First post for Tour #2: Seattle–>San Francisco

This song reflects the fears and questions of so many recent college graduates these days. I wrote the first verse shortly before graduation and the second verse shortly after. I’m getting my Wilderness First Aid/CPR certification through NOLS in Seattle from August 21-21, then want to move to San Francisco to try to find a job. Cars and planes are overrated, so I’m going to bike from point A to point B–approximately 1,000 miles–and call it the last chapter of my summer of Northwest US exploration! These tours are useful in disseminating post-graduation thoughts as I try to figure out which life direction I want to go next. As reflected in the lyrics below, I feel like I’ve been headed in 50 different directions over the past several years and am having trouble deciding which path I want to pursue. Big decisions to come!

Lyrics and video of The Graduate’s Conundrum are below, which are directly relevant to this phase of my life. I’ll admit, they’ll be very present during this next ride when I have 6+ hours each day on a bike alone with my thoughts.

The Graduate’s Conundrum
by Ellie McCutcheon

(Verse 1)
Let’s get right to it
The blue whale in the room
It gets bigger and bigger as the question looms
Time’s grip upon us as it drags us along
Some running right with it
Others kicking and screaming
To that one little day
On the brink of unknown
We’re prepped and ready
Or so we’ve been told
We’ll emerge from commencement just scratching our heads
Wondering which way is left and what takes us ahead.
I don’t have a real job I’m compelled to say
But I wont sit around and waste the day
I’ve got dreams and schemes and sewing machines
What will it bring? And will it sting?
I don’t know.

(Verse 2)
Let’s stay right with it
The Conundrum remains
What’s a post-grad to do?
To what end? With what aim?
I’m in 50 directions and none look the same
So I take a step back to observe the terrain
And day by day I will relay
What comes and goes and surely grows
I’m here and now which won’t allow
A future set that will beget
the Unknown.

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