Snapshots from Seattle



Weekly sailboat races on Lake Union in Seattle. Every Tuesday night!


A paradise of floating houses in Seattle. Paul and Mila have a nearly magical set-up, and I’m so lucky they welcomed me in for a few days! Incredible people with an incredible home.


Re-defining living “on the water” If there’s another place in the world with a living situation just like this, I’d love to hear about it! As far as I know, this floating neighborhood is one of a kind.


BoltBus is a cyclist’s dream come true as far as public transportation goes. No cost. No boxing. No hassle! I hopped on a Bolt Bus from Seattle to Portland because (1) I was curious how easy they actually made traveling on a bus with a bike (turns out incredibly easy) and (2) I had events I wanted to attend fairly back to back in the two different cities. Videos to come on those at The Bike Beat.

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