Cape Lookout State Park

The past several days it has organically worked out that I’ve camped and biked ‘with’ a girl from Pittsburgh. We don’t set out together or camp together, but we conveniently have been in the same place, at similar speeds, and in the same direction over and over. So it’s worked out that we’ve grabbed ice cream, groceries, coffee, etc. together on separate occasions. Those experiences–combined with the added scenic hill climbs and and cheese factory tours–make for good bike buddies 🙂

Bronwin just finish her PhD at Carnegie Melon in statistics relating to neuroscience (statistical neuroscience?). I asked her what she thought the most amazing thing about neuroscience is, and she said Perception. The fact that our brains order all this different data that our eyes take in into what we end up seeing/perceiving is mind-boggling. For one thing, there are all these blood vessels in the way… how do we not see those?

Anyway, I was thinking about human visual perception versus camera visual perception when I shot this at sunset from our campsite at Cape Lookout State Park on the Oregon Coast. Incredible place to camp!!

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