A Challenge of Video Editing and Writing On-the-Go

So I have a few goals of this long-distance bike ride.

  1. Get from Spokane, Washington to San Francisco, California
  2. Write, shoot, edit stories in photo/video/written form about social possibilities for the bicycle
  3. Enjoy the scenery, small towns, and state parks as inexpensively as possible

I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to balance the three of these. Goal #1 in itself is extremely physically exhausting, especially because I’m carrying a full multi-media production set-up to achieve Goal #2. All three goals are extremely time consuming, but I’m trying to balance that with getting a decent amount of miles in each day.

At least my tripod can double as a walking stick on side-trip hikes!

At least my tripod can double as a walking stick on side-trip hikes!

I’ve ridden almost 400 miles this trip so far, and I’m seriously considering lightening up my load by shipping my laptop and some other ‘extra’ weight ahead of me. I’ll keep the DSLR, tripod, and portable hard drive and continue on intake with less emphasis on output.

The thing about story production–the output–is that I have to remove myself from all social surroundings for an extended period of time in order to write, research, and/or edit media. Which, first of all, is ironic since story-telling is about people, events, and surroundings.

Removing myself from my surroundings is also contradictory to the whole on-the-go, take in everything I can mentality. I’m seeing small towns I would most likely never otherwise stop in, but I still feel like I’m shooting by them and can barely get a grasp of what’s going on in each place. And there are so many, the towns are on the verge of blurring together. At the same time, I want to get to San Francisco and get my ball rolling there. I’d REALLY like to be to check out Tour de Fat on September 21, which would limit my extra days in each place.

So, inevitably, much is missed.. and that’s before I take the time to be removed from constantly new surroundings so that I can produce a story… So laptop, farewell, I’ll transfer footage from camera to hard drive in libraries along the way. All I need for that is two USB ports. Personal blog updates to come from phone or library computers.

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