An Appetite Insatiable

I biked a short day today–30 miles to Bandon, OR–thinking I’d hang out in the town for a rest afternoon and get some stuff done online at a cafe. But MAN am I fried! Body and mind are both exhausted. My legs need at least a full day of noooo biking… or no more than 5 miles back and forth to town from my campsite in Bullards State Park. I would LOVE to go to sleep at 7 PM tonight, but alas the sun will still be out at that time! Even when I try to read, my eyes glaze over the words, barely taking anything in.

Umqua Ice Cream break in Reedsport, Oregon

Pralines and Cream Umqua Ice Cream break in Reedsport, Oregon

I didn’t realize how hungry I was either. I arrived at camp around 3 PM, asked for a good vegetarian burrito place, and the campground ladies directed me to Mother’s Whole Food Market. Healthy, delicious, normal-sized meal, but not nearly enough to satiate my appetite… I continued on after the burrito to inhale a full big bag of cheetoes (the healthy brand), then some yogurt covered pretzels. Time to switch locales, hoping some coffee would perk me up. Next thing I know I’m sitting with a cup o’ joe and a big Ghiradelhi triple chocolate brownie. No way I’m hungry for this whole thing, I told myself.

Proved myself wrong again. I’m now sitting at the cafe with an empty cup and an empty plate. Am I really considering consuming more food right now? There’s a chance…

Above is a photo of the Umpqua ice cream I got a few days ago. Another experience where I expected to be full afterwards, but where the giant treat barely took the edge off of my raging hunger.

And through it all… if anything… I’ve lost weight since beginning this trip. If my appetite keeps up like this, though, I wonder if that’ll continue! Sometimes fruit, grains, vegetables, legumes just don’t cut it…

On another note, last night I ended up sleeping on a park ranger’s comfy, cozy, cushy couch while hanging out with her cats and watching Star Trek: Insurrection. It was quite the turnaround from the morning when I found myself squatting in the shower/bathroom facilities at Umpqua state campground as a means of escaping a nasty, nasty thunderstorm. Full story later. Too tired now…


The fact that I sat down at the computer yesterday and the above post came out made me really realize that I need to somehow re-evaluate my food consumption on this ride. I’ve generally been eating healthy according to my usual standards, but my exhaustion and appetite tell me that’s no good under the circumstances.

After doing the research, I’m realizing that I need to consume WAY more carbs way more constantly than I thought. I’ve known that more carbs are good. I’ve known that eating constantly is good on a bike, but I haven’t been heeding that advice NEARLY as much as I should be.

So I’ve been talking to some avid cyclists I know and reading various articles about the topic: Eating on the Bike and Eating after the ride

Good foods to keep in mind (and in body):

  • whole grain rice (uncle ben’s rice with black beans or chick peas)
  • whole grain bread with peanut butter (for healthy fats)
  • bananas
  • avocados
  • sweet potatoes (if I can cook them
  • almonds + raisins
  • bagels with pb or cheese
  • dried fruit (eg apricots, dates)
  • greek yogurt
  • bars and gels are good (Hammer gel line), but as Ann Brolley and others say, nothing beats real food!


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