Ellie’s First Bike Tour

TOUR 1: July 21-July 31, 2013  | Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming –> Missoula, Montana | 471 miles

I’ve been dreaming of doing a bike tour for more than a year, but have not yet found someone who has both the time and desire to join me. I waited and hesitated, very aware that it’s more dangerous for women to travel alone than for men. For that reason, one goal of this trip is to move past this fear associated with traveling alone as a female. I see travelers like Anne-Sophie Rodet, a woman making her way around Patagonia by unicycle, and I see that it’s possible!

Inspired by women like Rodet, I’m taking the plunge and embarking on my first solo, self-supported bike trip. It should take me about 10-13 days, and you can read the blog or follow the map as I pedal along (assuming energy, battery life, and internet access are on my side!) I’ll meander up north to Missoula, Montana (headquarters of the Adventure Cycling Association!) from Jackson, Wyoming (an outdoors mecca), totaling approximately 500 miles. This little trek will take me through Yellowstone National Park before I hop onto Section 4 of the popular TransAmerica route. I’m very excited to really be using an ACA map for the first time!

My main blog, The Bike Beat, exists as a place to gather and share photos and stories relating to bicycle innovations, advocacy, and eccentricities. This little section you have stumbled across will be an offshoot specifically for hosting info and adventures from own bicycle journeys!

Fun Fact: the first person to bike around the world was a 25-year-old woman in 1895 named Annie Londonderry